Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hoarding-Buried Alive

Justin and I have a finished basement that we have used only twice since we moved into the house 4 years ago.  Both times were for a St Paddy's Day Party.  But with the baby on the way and the piles of items that come with a baby I am hoping to utilize the space down stairs as a playroom/baby storage center.  In order to do this, I need to get rid of the mounds of crap we have accumulated over the years.  Now, I have been know to hold on to things but I am nothing like my husband.  He keeps everything.  And he keeps things he finds or that other people are getting rid of.  We have a weight set in our basement that he took from Dennis when he moved to Arizona.  Neither of us lift weights but he thought it would be useful for when he starts working out. (Like that will ever happen)  I found a broken scale that I have thrown out on more than one occasion in with his stuff.  He claims someone will need it and I should leave it alone.  He has every video game he has ever owned and the original packaging that they came in.  And empty boxes.  Millions of empty boxes.  Empty boxes everywhere.  He claims they are for when he needs to mail something.  I informed him that the post office gives boxes away now for free! I have tried throwing things out but since he is the one who takes our trash to the dumpster nothing gets past him!  And he knows when any of his empty boxes are missing, it is like he has a mental checklist!  I am this close to calling Hoarders!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Forgetting Duke

Everyone keeps telling me that when the baby comes, my other baby Duke will be neglected and take a backseat to all the baby stuff.  And I agree.  There is going to be an adjustment period when we will all have to figure out our new roles and new schedule.  Duke is a dog but he is my baby.  And I feel there are some similarities between having a baby and having a dog.  You have to feed the dog, clean up after the dog, take the dog to the vet, get up in the middle of the night with the dog, take care of him when he is sick.  Granted having a baby is on an entirely different playing field but I think Duke helped me get ready for this baby.  That being said Duke is still a priority as he depends on Justin and I to take care of him.  And he is still my first "baby" and a member of our family so you can imagine the shock/horror I felt when I called Justin this morning:

Me: How was Duke this morning?  Was he good for you? 
Justin: OMG!!!! I forgot about him!!!!  He was in bed with me this morning and I got up, took a shower and left!!  I cannot believe I did that!!!  I left him in bed!
Me:  Well you have to go home to get him!  You cannot just leave him in bed all day.
Justin:   He will be fine.  He will jump down eventually and be fine.
Me: Go Home and get him!  What would you do if it was the baby?  What if you left the baby?
Justin: Fine I will go home. 

***Side note- He did go home but not before he called his mother to go get the dog.  She told him No!****

I am picturing my life in 9 months...I am at work, I call my husband to check in on the baby and he will have forgotten her at home!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I pulled into my driveway this evening to find a 26 foot ladder laying on the ground.  Justin comes running out of the garage and yells "Look, isn't it great?  I bought it on Amazon"  Now I know he has been looking for a ladder for a while now but I did not think he needed a 26 foot version.   So I obviously ask him what he needs a 26 foot ladder for.  He looks at me with a dumb look on his face and says "So that I can climb on the roof"  I am picturing a trip to the hospital in the near future and it will not be for me to deliver this baby!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day Dreaming

I am nearing the end of my second trimester and looking back I have spent most of the past six months in the bathroom.  The first three months were me throwing up and the past three months have been non-stop pee trips.  I am looking forward to the future when food taste normal again.  I am looking forward to watching a TV show without pausing it multiple times for pee breaks (thank you DVR).  Mind you this is all 4 months away but I am in a day dreaming kind of mood today!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Tale of Who Was Right and Who was So Wrong!

So Justin and I are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little girl.  We have painted her room a bubble gum pink and ordered her furniture.  Justin had the day off on Monday so he surprised me by cleaning and polishing the floors in the nursery.  He also built the crib which is where this story goes wrong.  He decided to build the crib in our kitchen because he said it was easier to work out there.  I argued with him that the crib would not fit through the doorway and he argued it would.  Three hours later (this included multiple "breaks" for playing games and checking things on his i-pad) he attempted to move the crib out of the kitchen into the nursery.  But it would not fit through the doorway.  After a vicious verbal assault on the doorway and the crib, he had to disassemble the crib and move it in pieces into the nursery.  The moral of the story: Always Listen To Your WIFE!