Monday, April 15, 2013

All in the eye of the beholder

My Dad came out to visit us this morning.  My mom called me this afternoon and said that my Dad had a nice visit and she heard Rhea was really good.  I asked my mom if Dad mentioned the park.  She said he did.  He said he had a nice time at the park with Rhea.  I then say to her did he mention that she threw a tantrum when we got there because she did not want to go on the swings.  She threw a tantrum when I climbed on the slide with her and when I tried to help her down the slide she threw another tantrum.  She threw a tantrum a few minutes later because I helped her take her coat off.  The tantrum escalated to her rolling around on the muddy ground ruining her new sneaker that Dad brought her.  Then we left.  We were there for approximately 4 minutes.  My father never mentioned this to my mom.  He said she was perfect.  All in the eye of the beholder I guess.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

17 Months

Rhea is now 17 months old.  She is getting so big so fast!  She is getting so tall and strong.  It breaks my heart that she is no longer a baby.  She is developing quite the personality and I am enjoying getting to know this little lady she is becoming.  She is bossy, jealous, cheerful, giggly and a whole bunch of other things in between.  Listed below are a few things we know about Rhea at 17 months.  

She may look cute but don't let her fool you.  She uses those teeth to get what she wants. 

She loves to Woof like a dog.  All the time.  

She is not a morning person just like her father.

She loves her binkie

She will not talk with Nana on FaceTime.  Only Papa

Most days she loves Duke more than me and Justin

Not sure how it is possible but I fall more in love with her each and everyday.