Tuesday, April 28, 2015

One of those nights.......

Ever have one of those nights?  A night when nothing really goes wrong but nothing really has gone right.  It is just like most other nights.  We get home from our day at 6 and rush to make dinner.  The kids have had it and are in the normal meltdown stage until they stuff their face with some food.  Only you cannot get the food made because you have two screaming kids clinging to your legs.  And when you finally sit down to eat your children refuse to eat the food you made for them for a multitude of reasons ( "I no longer like noodles" "They look funny" " My belly hurts" or Maggie's new favorite- Give it to Duke its funny) And then it is a rush to clean up and a rush to make lunches for tomorrow.  Justin and I tag team the bath.  He starts them off and I clean them up because Daddy doesn't know how to shampoo hair.  Then you get them settled into their PJs and for about twenty minutes all is quiet.  Rhea reads a book and Maggie has a bottle.  And then they are off to bed and you are left to clean up the mess they made between 6 and 9 PM.  You wonder how it is possible you own this much stuff.  Your husband wonders if a tornado came through while he was on his ipad (He lovingly calls me the Shanado because I leave a path of destruction where ever I go and now I have two other forces of nature competing with me)  And as 9:15 rolls around and you take the dog out for one final time you wonder when it will get easier?  When will I miss this as most older folks will insist you will?  Do my parents really long for the chaos?  Will I long for the chaos when it is no longer here?  Is it all worth it?  I am hoping in a few years when we look back we will remember the giggles, the smiles, and the jokes.  We will remember the girls becoming their own person.  We will remember the hugs and long for what if feels like to have a snoring baby laying on your chest.  We will hold onto the good and remember the bedtime stories and the funny way the girls say words they are just learning (Like the Mingos in my yard aka Flamingos).   And leave the cranky nights and sour days in a memory you can and will never recall.  And I will ponder this until I nod off at 10 setting my alarm to do this all over again.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Frozen Poop

Rhea reminds me so much of Justin.  Not only does she look just like him, she also has his sense of humor and really goes by beat of her own drum.   Typically she finds him really funny and laughs at all his jokes.  She has mastered the art of putting her bum on your leg or face and "ripping" a fart in your face.   This causes both her and her daddy to laugh and laugh.  Me not so much.  But tonight Justin crossed the line with his jokes and she was not happy

Justin :  How does Elsa take a poop?
Rhea: (look of disdain) Elsa doesn't POOP DAD!!
Justin: of course she does.  She takes Iciclshit- get it?  Icicle poop?  You should tell that joke at school!!!
Rhea :  I would never tell that joke at school Daddy.  It is not funny.  It is not nice to talk about Elsa that way.
Justin : Come on, it's funny!  Elsa pooping is funny.
Rhea- (silence with a death stare) No. It. Is. Not.

Moral of this story all fun and games with Rhea until someone messes with Elsa.

I am wondering when the Frozen phase of our life is going to end.  I am guessing not soon enough.