Monday, June 8, 2015

Fast Cars

Rhea has really come into her own the past few months.  She is slowly transforming into this little lady.  I won't go into all that crap of how quickly it goes.  You all know that already.   She is becoming her own person and it is really neat to see it unfold.  What amazes me is how much she picks up and how much of it she is not picking up from me.  Examples of what she has said recently below:

Example #1
Rhea - "Mom, boys are so booooooooooooring.  When is Kellen coming over?"

Example #2
Rhea - "Mom, I like my hair brushed the opposite of how I like my cars"
Me - "I don't understand the analogy"
Rhea - "Mom, I like my cars to go fast with no traffic but I like you to brush my hair slow okay?"
Me-" Who are you?"

Example #3
Rhea - "What is Jack's sisters name?"
Me - " Jack doesn't have a sister"
Rhea -"Then who was with him today?"
Me- "Stephanie, his mom"
Rhea- "I thought she was his sister"

Example #4
Rhea -"Your diabetes is on the floor"
Me -"What?"
Rhea- "Your diabetes is all over the house"
Me-" do you mean my test strips?'
Rhea-"no your diabetes"