Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hand Foot and Mouth, Again! (also known as Coxsackie!)

Whoever said "It is so much better having your young, infant child exposed to multiple viruses at daycare while they are young is a good thing.  I will help build immunities so they won't be sick later on in life" obviously never had a 9 month old.  With a virus.  Poor Rhea just wasn't herself and we were pretty much helpless in relieving her pain because we really didn't know what was the matter.  That's the thing about 9 month old babies.  They don't say much.  But they scream. And cry.  And whine.  But they do not say "Mommy my throat is really bothering me, it feels like I have bumps all over my tongue and throat"  Two rounds of Coxsackie Virus in about 3 weeks time.  Here is to hoping this is the end of the virus outbreaks for a while.

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