Sunday, July 31, 2011


I was speaking with Justin this weekend about the baby class we signed up for at my Dr's office.  I told him it is a very short class lasting only two hours.  They will go over basics about labor and have open ended Q&A session at the end.  So I asked him if he was going to cut the cord after the birth.   This is how that conversation went-

Me: "Do you think you want to cut the cord after the baby is born?"
Justin: "Can I bring my saws-all?"
Me: " To cut the cord?  No you cannot bring your saws-all to cut the cord"
Justin: "Well I am going to have to think about it then"

I guess we better have a back up plan!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Party in my Belly

Dear Baby,

I am working very hard to keep you healthy and growing strong.  I need my sleep.  Please refrain from moving, hitting, kicking, punching, spinning, flipping, fluttering, etc. until normal business hours.  I know you live in a dark place so time is irrelevant to you but 4AM is not what is considered normal in the outside world.    Anytime after 8AM is fine.

Thankfully Yours,

Your Mother

Monday, July 25, 2011

What the F*** is a Binkie?

The above question is what Justin asked me tonight.  I was telling him how my cousin Elizabeth was catching some slack from the nurses at the hospital because she gave her son a binkie.  He looked at me puzzled and stated "what the f*** is a binkie?"  After I stopped laughing I explained what it was.  He wants to know why I call it a binkie and not a pacifier.  I really don't know.  They have always been binkies to me.  How about everyone else- Binkie or Pacifier?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The She who became a He, turned back into a She, mistaken for He, but finally just She!

Justin and I headed to Children's Hospital in Boston on Monday for my Fetal Echo.  Because I am a type one diabetic they needed to check on our baby's heart to make sure it has developed properly.   The baby would not sit still for a minute!  They actually had to stop the test and have me walk around to get the baby to relax.  After and hour the tech was able to get the photos she needed and shortly after the Dr (who is a pediatric cardiologist) came in to go over the results with us.  She assured us everything is fine and the baby looks healthy.  She asked what we were having and we told her a girl.  She then told us she would take a peek and revealed that SHE was actually a HE!  What?  I asked if she was sure and she stated that I should just not listen to her and check with my Dr.   How reassuring.  Luckily for me I had a Dr's appointment scheduled for the very next day!  It was the longest night of my life.  The funny thing is we wanted a boy but I had bonded with the idea of a girl for the past three weeks and I was heartbroken.  (Plus my new Coach Diaper bag is pink and purple!!!)   When I arrived for my appointment on Tuesday I told the ultrasound tech the drama that occurred yesterday and she reassured me that the baby was a girl.  She also advised I ask my Dr to do a sex check on the baby during my exam.  When my Dr came in she stated that in my chart they had written down BOY from my last appointment!  I nearly fell off the table.  But she re-did the ultrasound and confirmed once and for all that SHE is a SHE!  Good thing I have ultrasounds scheduled so often.  I plan on having them "double check" when I go back on August 16th!  I included a photo below.  It's the creep 3D ones but she is sucking her thumb and rubbing her eye!  I think she looks like Justin!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby Names-Part 2

So now that we know we have a bundle of girly joy coming our way everyone wants to know "What are you going to name her?'  This has proved to be a difficult task.  I mean, my parents named me without even meeting me first and honestly I am a Shannon.  How did they know?  Justin and I have been going back and forth with names.  He primarily says not to any name I pick.  My conversation with him a few days ago went like this

Me: "I spoke to a Justina today on the phone, wouldn't that be cute?  We could call her Tina for short"
Justin: "No, I would have to call her Tina with no Weiner.  Well I guess she won't have a weiner so that could work"
Me: "Forget it"

We do have a few names in the running but we are going to keep it to ourselves until we meet her.  Any suggestions on names?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Visions of Pink

So we found out at my full anatomy scan on the 28th that we are having a girl.  Justin was a bit disappointed but I think the idea of a girl is growing on him.  I asked why he was so upset at first that we were having a girl and he explained it like this (I am quoting him pretty much verbatim) "See with a boy I only have one penis to worry about.  Since we are having a girl I now have thousands of penises to worry about" My reaction to this was laughter.  I guess he is going to be a great dad after all.  Though I hope in our lifetime we are not worrying about thousands of penises.  I hope it is only few.