Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First comes Love, then comes Marriage....

So I have been on somewhat of a blog hiatus since the end of March.  Justin and I found out some big news and it literally made me sick for a month straight.  We are expecting our first child!  I have had morning sickness morning, noon, and night paired with extremely low blood sugars which have pretty much left me immobile and not much fun.  But there is light at the end of this tunnel.  Dr says only 3 more weeks of feeling like this and I should be in the clear.  As most of you know my husband Justin is a pretty funny guy and since he is pretty much clueless about pregnancy I have listed below the top Five things he has said to me over the past month.  Enjoy!
  1. "You should probably take another test, I bet the positive one is wrong"
  2. "I will believe you are pregnant when you get your mammogram"
  3. "You cannot poop?  Well make sure you don't push too hard, I heard you can die from that"
  4. "The baby is the size of a green olive?  You just ate a jar of olives,  it's like you ate 100 babies"
  5. "Of course Duke is going to bite the baby"