Friday, August 29, 2014


Tonight as I was tucking Rhea into bed she asked me to Smuggle her.  I had to think twice but then I realized she wanted me to snuggle her.  So I lay down and snuggle with her.  As I am laying there in bed with her she pulls out a flower.  I asked her were she got that and she told me she picked it in the yard.  I asked her to give it to me.  She then proceeded to pull out 5 more half dead flowers from under her blankets.  I told her I would put them in the kitchen.  She looked sad but didn't get upset (as toddlers sometimes do) so I went to the kitchen and put the half dead flowers in a vase for her and brought them to her room.  Upon entering she said "oh Mommy, they are so beautiful.  I am so excited they are in my room."  So technically she did do some smuggling of the flowers tonight.  And she did make me stop and realize the beauty in those half dead flowers.  Or more, the beauty she saw in the half dead flowers.  Then she asked me to pull her finger and she made a fart sound and the beautiful moment was gone.