Sunday, September 27, 2015

Focus on Health

I was recently sent an iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor and Health Core Wireless Body Composition Scale to test out and review through Tryazon.  I was really impressed with the sleek design of the scale.  It is able to calculate your body composition with weight, %body fat, BMI, Visceral fat rating, DCI (daily calorie intake) and more.  The scale uses a wifi connection and will sync with the iHealth app, the MyFitnessPal app, and the apple phone health app.  I have had two children in the last four years and my weight is really not where I want it to be.  My diabetes health is great but I don't feel good about anything else health wise.  I work full time and take care of two children, a dog, a husband and type 1 diabetes.  I haven't had much time in the last four years to really focus on me.  I have recently started to make healthier improvements in my life(new job, reducing stress, not eating crap-ok I still eat crap but in smaller portions.  Baby steps ) and when I was chosen to try out these products and host a party I was thrilled.  I took it as a sign.  The blood pressure cuff is a neat gadget.  I have really good blood pressure but it has been neat to see trends of what happens when I am first getting up or have just exercised.  It all works through the app on your phone and it maintains the data for you.  Justin (my husband) is able to use the  products too as they allow for multiple users.  It did take us a few days to figure it out and no where in the directions did is clearly state how two users can use the devices (Justin's weight and BP were syncing into all my apps, driving me crazy)  We have finally figured it out.  Hopefully.  iHealth is a cool company and is doing some neat things for the health of individuals like you and me.  They also have a glucometer that works with an app on your phone.  I didn't try that out but I love when companies do things to make Diabetes management easier for people like me.  If anyone is interested in these products check out the website.  If you are interested in purchasing use code TryazonSep for 20% off .  Thank you to iHealth labs for sending me the products to try and thank you to Tryazon for coordinating everything.   #tryazon #ihealth