Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Generation Gap

We put up all our Christmas decorations this weekend and Rhea was more than willing to help.  As we were emptying out the bins of stuff, she found about 5 Christmas DVDs and two Christmas VHS.  She opened every DVD to inspect the dvd and tell us she wanted to watch the movie.  When she got to the VHS she got really aggravated.  She kept trying to "open" the black case.  When Justin explained to her that this was the movie and there was nothing to open, it infuriated her even more. She threw a hissy fit and kept screaming at him to open it.  The funny thing is we don't even have a VCR to watch these movies so we couldn't show her what we were talking about.  We have since hidden those movies so we don't have to argue with a two year old about what a real movie looks like.  I am feeling really old tonight.