Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I try but not very hard

I have lost almost all my pregnancy weight, but my body is just not the same.  I feel like I need to loose ten more pound but those ten pounds really want to stay with me.  The majority of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit but they just don't fit the same anymore.  And everyday for the past 6 months I have done almost the same thing.  Start off the day eating right but by the end of the day I have eaten some kind of candy or cookies or something to derail my positive momentum.  At first I told myself it was ok to eat the sweets because I was not allowed to eat any of these items when I was pregnant.  But my baby is going to be a year old very soon so this extra weight is no longer baby weight but Mommy weight.  I really need to start exercising but I love to sleep more.  And the only time in my hectic day to exercise would be to get up at 5 AM and workout for an hour.  And that is just not happening.  So I am just going to try and enjoy the Mommy weight.  Rhea doesn't seem to mind!  And at this point in my life, her opinion is the only one that matters.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hand Foot and Mouth, Again! (also known as Coxsackie!)

Whoever said "It is so much better having your young, infant child exposed to multiple viruses at daycare while they are young is a good thing.  I will help build immunities so they won't be sick later on in life" obviously never had a 9 month old.  With a virus.  Poor Rhea just wasn't herself and we were pretty much helpless in relieving her pain because we really didn't know what was the matter.  That's the thing about 9 month old babies.  They don't say much.  But they scream. And cry.  And whine.  But they do not say "Mommy my throat is really bothering me, it feels like I have bumps all over my tongue and throat"  Two rounds of Coxsackie Virus in about 3 weeks time.  Here is to hoping this is the end of the virus outbreaks for a while.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Let's play a game- Dog Toy or Baby Toy

Now that Rhea is mobile, she is into anything and everything! She recently discovered a basket of Duke's toys and since I told her "no" they have that much more appeal. The funny thing is, Duke only likes one of his dog toys and refuses to play with anything else.  But what he has discovered is how small and fun Rhea's toys can be.  Some days I walk into the living room and she is holding his toy and he is holding hers.  The hard part is telling them apart.   Most of the dog toys and baby toys I have squeak.  Some have that crinklier stuff in a foot or wing of a toy.  They are all brightly colored.  Many of them are soft and just the right size to fit in a mouth of a baby or dog.  Take a look at the photos below and see if you can guess the dog toys vs the baby toys.  Good Luck!