Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks to our Grandparents

This year what I am most thankful for are grandparents.  They were once our parents but they somehow turn into these people who firmly anchor you in the past and just truly appreciate our children.  Grandparents who you once called Mom and Dad now have funny names like Grammie or MoeMoe and you somehow refer to them as that and not Mom anymore.  Its amazing to me that one of my laughing children can create such happiness to a group of people.  We spend Thanksgiving with my husbands family.  Both of his grandmothers are still alive and I don't know if Justin truly appreciates sometimes how amazing that is.  He is able to share his children with his parents parents!!  His mother's mom gets to see her own daughter be a grandmother. I am not sure if many people in life get to experience yet alone appreciate this.  I was extremely close to my grandparents.  They made me feel like I hung the moon.  And it is something I truly miss the further along in life I go without them.  Just the feeling of complete and utter love that a grandparent gives.   And both my children get to have this with two sets of grandparents and two great grandmothers.  So this year I truly have alot to be grateful for but I am most thankful for my family and the grandparents who have loved us unconditionally for years and will continue to love us for years after they are gone.  And we will continue to love them too.  I will go to sleep tonight with warm memories of Jerry, Ellen, & Margaret knowing their love is in my children and I will forever be grateful for that.

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