Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cereal Offender

Justin loves cereal.  I buy lots of it.  Justin opens a box of cereal, eats it, leaves the cover open, cereal goes bad, he will not eat the rest of it.  This is a cycle that keeps repeating itself if my house.  We have talked about it, fought about it, laughed about it.  At the present time he has 2 boxes of Cheerios, 1 box of Corn Pops, 1 box of Total, 1 box of Shredded Wheat, 1 box of Pink Frosted Shredded Wheat, 1 box of Raisan Bran, and one box of Oatmeal Squares open.  I don't eat much cereal but when I do I usually eat Kashi.  So last week Kashi was on sale and I bought myself a box.  Justin tried to open it last week and I argued that he has 8 other boxes open and that he needs to eat them first.  Today he opened the Kashi cereal, took it out of the box and hid the box in the recycling so that I would not find it.  But I did.  We argued about it and I let him know because of my diabetes I need the box label to count carbs.  He agreed to get the box out of the recycling bin and put the label with the hidden cereal.  When I checked to be sure he did it I found a Wheat Thins nutrition label in with the Kashi Cereal.  When I confronted him about it he confessed that he just grabbed any box from the recycling.   Starting today I am not buying him cereal anymore.  Mark my word!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Panera lunch is my new cocktail hour

Not sure how I never noticed this before but Panera is the hottest spot for new moms and their babies.  Everytime I have gone there the past few months all I see is groups of moms fawning over their babies while eating a salad.   It is crazy!  I find myself checking out woman and their babies and using language I would if I were out for drinks with my girlfriends.  "Check out how cute he is" I may say referring to an adorable male toddler sitting a few tables over.  Or "Look at her outfit" referring to the 9 month old in a pink and flowery get up. "That is a $600 dollar stroller!"   Rhea and I really need to step up our game because when I was there last week, I forgot a burp cloth so I had to use a napkin.  I know the other mom's were looking at me, judging me.  I know for a fact at least one mom was.  My mother.  She was horrified that I was using a napkin.  She was horrified I didn't have a Sofie the Giraffe.  She was horrified Rhea didn't have socks on.  To be fair she did have socks on when we left the house but she kicked them off when we got to lunch and refused to keep them on.  She told me I need to be more like other Panera moms.  She told me to get it together!  At this point I wished Panera sold booze as I would have ordered a drink!