Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One Year

One year ago today my Dr called me at 6 AM and told us my preeclampsia had progressed to a point were it was no longer safe.  Justin and I jumped in the car and made the drive to Boston.  Within two hours and exactly one month early,  she came into our lives.  She had a rough start and spent a few days in the NICU but she is strong and a fighter. She has made each day a new adventure for Justin and me.   We truly believe everything she does is amazing. This year has flown by.  Most parents tell you treasure these moments they fly by.  That is the only piece of parenting advice you should ever listen to because it does.  I mean she is one today.  One!  She has changed our lives for the better and I have enjoyed getting to know her this year.  I am not sure if she will ever know the depths of my love but I am ok with that.  When she wakes up first thing in the morning or I pick her up from daycare and she has that ear to ear grin, I think that is her way of telling me she loves me too.  It melts my heart every time.  So Happy Birthday Rhea.  I hope you enjoy what we have planned for you.

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