Thursday, December 6, 2012

sometimes I wonder...

I left Justin alone to put Rhea to sleep tonight.  We are trying to get better with a bedtime routine in the hopes that she will sleep through the night.  Part of the this routine includes brushing her teeth.

Me: How did she do tonight?
Justin: She did alright.  She cried for like a half hour.  I checked on her twice
Me: How did brushing her teeth go?
Justin: I mean it went fine.  Once I got my finger in there she basically eats the tooth paste.
Me: what do you mean "put your finger in there"?
Justin: I used my finger to brush her teeth.  I didn't see a tooth brush so I thought you wanted me to use my fingers.
Me: Did you look in the tooth brush holder
Justin: No

Sometimes I wonder how he has made it this far in life

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