Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby Names-Part 2

So now that we know we have a bundle of girly joy coming our way everyone wants to know "What are you going to name her?'  This has proved to be a difficult task.  I mean, my parents named me without even meeting me first and honestly I am a Shannon.  How did they know?  Justin and I have been going back and forth with names.  He primarily says not to any name I pick.  My conversation with him a few days ago went like this

Me: "I spoke to a Justina today on the phone, wouldn't that be cute?  We could call her Tina for short"
Justin: "No, I would have to call her Tina with no Weiner.  Well I guess she won't have a weiner so that could work"
Me: "Forget it"

We do have a few names in the running but we are going to keep it to ourselves until we meet her.  Any suggestions on names?

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