Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Just Lost my Underwear...

I don't care, I'll go bare, Bye Bye Long Johns...Does anyone else remember that camp song?  The rest of the song goes: They were very close to me, Tickle me -Hee Hee Hee Bye Bye Long Johns. I have been singing that song the past few days because I have said good bye indefinitely to my Great Granny Panties.  How I hated purchasing them and having to wear them.  But oh how I grew to love the comfort of them, the softness, the way they didn't ride up and covered my ass.  But now that the baby is here, I have been looking at them differently.  There is no way my ass is or was that big (or was it?)   So I have decided to pack them away with all my other maternity clothes.  Who knows, one day we may meet again.  Until that day, I will just say Bye Bye.

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