Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Frozen Poop

Rhea reminds me so much of Justin.  Not only does she look just like him, she also has his sense of humor and really goes by beat of her own drum.   Typically she finds him really funny and laughs at all his jokes.  She has mastered the art of putting her bum on your leg or face and "ripping" a fart in your face.   This causes both her and her daddy to laugh and laugh.  Me not so much.  But tonight Justin crossed the line with his jokes and she was not happy

Justin :  How does Elsa take a poop?
Rhea: (look of disdain) Elsa doesn't POOP DAD!!
Justin: of course she does.  She takes Iciclshit- get it?  Icicle poop?  You should tell that joke at school!!!
Rhea :  I would never tell that joke at school Daddy.  It is not funny.  It is not nice to talk about Elsa that way.
Justin : Come on, it's funny!  Elsa pooping is funny.
Rhea- (silence with a death stare) No. It. Is. Not.

Moral of this story all fun and games with Rhea until someone messes with Elsa.

I am wondering when the Frozen phase of our life is going to end.  I am guessing not soon enough.

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