Friday, August 19, 2011

Forgetting Duke

Everyone keeps telling me that when the baby comes, my other baby Duke will be neglected and take a backseat to all the baby stuff.  And I agree.  There is going to be an adjustment period when we will all have to figure out our new roles and new schedule.  Duke is a dog but he is my baby.  And I feel there are some similarities between having a baby and having a dog.  You have to feed the dog, clean up after the dog, take the dog to the vet, get up in the middle of the night with the dog, take care of him when he is sick.  Granted having a baby is on an entirely different playing field but I think Duke helped me get ready for this baby.  That being said Duke is still a priority as he depends on Justin and I to take care of him.  And he is still my first "baby" and a member of our family so you can imagine the shock/horror I felt when I called Justin this morning:

Me: How was Duke this morning?  Was he good for you? 
Justin: OMG!!!! I forgot about him!!!!  He was in bed with me this morning and I got up, took a shower and left!!  I cannot believe I did that!!!  I left him in bed!
Me:  Well you have to go home to get him!  You cannot just leave him in bed all day.
Justin:   He will be fine.  He will jump down eventually and be fine.
Me: Go Home and get him!  What would you do if it was the baby?  What if you left the baby?
Justin: Fine I will go home. 

***Side note- He did go home but not before he called his mother to go get the dog.  She told him No!****

I am picturing my life in 9 months...I am at work, I call my husband to check in on the baby and he will have forgotten her at home!!!

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