Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hoarding-Buried Alive

Justin and I have a finished basement that we have used only twice since we moved into the house 4 years ago.  Both times were for a St Paddy's Day Party.  But with the baby on the way and the piles of items that come with a baby I am hoping to utilize the space down stairs as a playroom/baby storage center.  In order to do this, I need to get rid of the mounds of crap we have accumulated over the years.  Now, I have been know to hold on to things but I am nothing like my husband.  He keeps everything.  And he keeps things he finds or that other people are getting rid of.  We have a weight set in our basement that he took from Dennis when he moved to Arizona.  Neither of us lift weights but he thought it would be useful for when he starts working out. (Like that will ever happen)  I found a broken scale that I have thrown out on more than one occasion in with his stuff.  He claims someone will need it and I should leave it alone.  He has every video game he has ever owned and the original packaging that they came in.  And empty boxes.  Millions of empty boxes.  Empty boxes everywhere.  He claims they are for when he needs to mail something.  I informed him that the post office gives boxes away now for free! I have tried throwing things out but since he is the one who takes our trash to the dumpster nothing gets past him!  And he knows when any of his empty boxes are missing, it is like he has a mental checklist!  I am this close to calling Hoarders!

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