Thursday, March 15, 2012

Damn you Daylight Savings!

Rhea has been a really good sleeper.  She can put her self to sleep with little to no fussing and sleep blissfully through the night.  That is until this weekend when we sprung forward and her sleeping schedule has been shot to hell!  She didn't sleep at all during the day Sunday and by 3 PM she couldn't get out of her own way!  She did finally nap and was a much happy camper.  That is until bedtime when she cried and fussed.  Mind you she fussed for 10 minutes and then went off to what I thought was a good nights sleep but Rhea was up at 3 AM and again at 5!   She was sick two nights this week so I will give Day Light Savings a pass on those nights but Rhea has gotten up almost every night this week to eat at 3AM.  She hasn't done this since she was 6 weeks old!  Any Moms out there have any tips to combat this?

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