Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Girl Fight

I have no idea where she learned to do it but Rhea is a hair puller.  There are clumps of my hair all over the house.  I will probably be bald by the end of the week.  She grabs hold and will not let go.  And I have no idea how a 5 month old baby is that strong!  I basically have to wrestle her to let it go.  And all the while she is laughing and tugging my hair.  It is insane.  I feel like I am in a girl fight every day of my life.  I see those tiny hands grabbing for me and I fear for my safety.  But I keep going back for more.  I cannot help it.  She is too cute

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  1. Ahhh that is so cute and funny. But I am sure its no fun for you. Lets face it, We all like to do something that gets a reaction. Pulling hair gets a reaction. She will out grow it and move onto banging, braking and yelling before you know it. Sounds like a you have a smart girl.. nothing wrong with that.


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