Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Vampire Without Her Fangs

This post is for all my Twilight friends.  I am clearly comparing my child's teething issues to fictional tween novels.  But I don't care!  You have been warned!

My poor Rhea!  She is still teething and the teeth are no where to be seen!  She is like a vampire without fangs!   I would be afraid to be alone in a dark ally with her right now as she is gnawing and sucking on anything she can get her chubby little hands on!  I have seen her make a meal of Sofie the Giraffe!  Poor Sofie didn't stand a chance!  I was hoping the teeth would pop through this past week but still nothing.  I have been trying to teach her to be on Team Edward and fight the urge to drain anything or anyone but she has informed me she is Team Volturi meaning she will drain you.  You have been warned!!!  She is looking for her next victim!

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