Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pour me a glass of whine

I love a good glass of wine.  I am known to have a glass at the end of the day or socially with friends.  Occasionally I will enjoy a whole bottle by myself.  Rhea seems to have misunderstood my love of wine as she believes I love all wine and that just not true.   I like red, but hate Merlot.  I also am not a fan of whining.  And that is were the misunderstanding has come into play.  Every night from 6-8 she just whines.  Non-stop.  There are no tears and most of the time no motivation for the whining.  Just good old fashion body convulsing, feet stomping, hand throwing whining.  I know it is a phase but I am hoping the face below is gone.  Soon.  So I can go back to enjoying my wine and not hers.

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