Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zombie Parents

I have decided Justin and I should go as our scary selves for Halloween this year.  We have turned into zombies.  Sleepless zombies who are solely functioning on caffeine.  I have taken every one's advice, have tried every method, trick, and nothing works.  She will go to bed at 8 with little to no problem but Rhea wakes almost every night at 2 and screams and cries until almost 4.  This has been going on for months.  We have let her cry it out.  After two hours you realize she isn't going back to sleep.  She has slept with us but even this doesn't work because she is up at 2 screaming and kicking, or talking to herself or trying to talk to me.  We have tried feeding her.  Sometimes she will drink 8 ounces, other nights she will not take anything.  We have tried giving her a dolly, a blankie, a stuffed monkey.   My mother-in-law had her overnight on Saturday and she did the same thing for her.  I guess she is just "one of those kids"  I love her dearly but I want my ZZZ's back.  Any suggestions?

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