Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Names

So everyone keeps asking "Have you picked out any names yet?" To be honest Justin and I have thrown around a few but we haven't been able to agree on any.  And since we don't know what we are having yet, we haven't put serious thought into it.  Except Justin.  He has thought long and hard about it.  Justin's first pick is Kuzay which sounds alot like koozie which is my family's favorite thing to hold a beer.  His argument is everyone will want to hold the baby, just like everyone wants to hold a beer.  I have put a veto on that.  His second choice includes a girl and boy version.  Mac for a boy and Apple for a girl after his favorite computer.  I actually don't mind Mac but the poor kid will have to know he was named after a computer and I am not naming my daughter after a fruit. Justin said to me tonight "What about Cecil?"  I thought about it but I don't really like that.  I asked him why he likes that name.  I swear this was his answer:

 "Because that was the name of my favorite strip club in Vancouver"

I think we are going to leave the baby naming to me!

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