Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Loving Husband

So my husband wanted to go out last night to watch the Bruins Game.  He made plans with his cousin Matt to go to the Celtic Tavern in Westborough.  He told me I should come and I went back and forth about it.  When I finally decided I would go, I started to get ready and that is when my loving husband walked over to me, farted, and then whiffed the fumes with his hands into my face.  What did me and my pregnancy nose do?  We projectile vomited everywhere.  Needless to say he went out alone and I suffered from sour stomach for the rest of the night.  What he doesn't understand is what smells bad to him, smells 10 times worse to me.  I have animal like senses when it comes to smells now.  I am fully planning my revenge though I am not sure what can top this!

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