Friday, June 22, 2012

Luxury Baby Items

As a new mom the baby product world can be very overwhelming.  I found it very confusing and scary trying to pick out things before Rhea was born and now that she is hear I realized the only things your truly need are bottles (or boobs), diapers, a car seat, some clothes, and a safe place for the baby to sleep.  Everything else should be considered baby luxury items.   Don't get me wrong, I have bought into some of the "must haves" for baby.  Sofie the Giraffe is a one of those things.  I am also not ashamed to admit I bought Rhea a Coach bag when I was in Florida.  It was a strawberry and she needed it. (not really!!!) But I have had many WTF moments when it comes to baby products.  Nosefrida? The baby snot sucker (this is their tag line not mine).  You put one end in the baby's nose and the other end in your mouth.  Really?  Who in their right mind wants to suck snot.  Certainly not me!  Jean Diapers?  Diapers have a shelf life of about 2 hours.  And their sole purpose is to contain poop!  I certainly don't poop in my jeans.   Not worth the extra money!  Baby apple sauce?  This costs about .89 cents a jar for 4 oz where as a 25oz jar of Motts costs about $1.50.  It is a process we all go through.  I was at Target this week and they had a sale that if you bought a box of  diapers you got a free pack of wipes.  The wipes came in a luxurious wristlet like bag.  This was my WTF moment of the week.  Where on earth would any mom need to tote around a wristlet full of baby wipes?  The bag has a spot for small items like money or credit card but no place to hold a diaper.  I included a photo below.  Any one else have a baby item WTF moment?  I would love to hear them!

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  1. Hi Shannon, it's Megan, Susan Hofeller's daughter. This blog is great!! Chris G shared it with me because she thought I would enjoy it. My girls are 4 and 1 and Yes. I've spent money on baby stuff that I was like WTF?!! ugh. And with girls, watch out. Clothes they like one day, the don't "ever ever EVER never ever" want to wear again. great. ok. I hope you and Justin are doing well and I can't wait to meet Rhea. Fourth of July? I've heard she's GORGEOUS!!! From the pictures on this blog I think they are right. Enjoy and hope you are getting some sleep. ;)


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