Monday, June 11, 2012


She is crawling.   I cannot believe she is starting to crawl!   She is my baby and she is moving around all by herself!  I cannot believe seven months have flown by.  Now her crawl isn't that graceful.  She starts from the sitting position, goes down into a push-up position, and then falls to her knees.  She pushes forward about 2 inches, falls down, and cries.  Then we repeat.  She also has started to pull herself up in the crib to nibble on rail.  We are lowering the crib mattress this week.  I blame the 10 month old in her daycare class.  He crawls all over the place, picks himself up onto things.  She is amazed by him.  I think she is mimicking him.  I wish she would mimic the 4 month old in her class.  The one that just lays there and giggles.  I miss those days.

Look at me Ma!

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