Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We All Fall Down

I had one of "those" mom experiences today. I checked my vm and Rhea's school called stating "not to worry but...." My heart sank and panic set in. She bumped her head but that she was fine. Of course I ran down there to see what was going on. And this is the face that greeted me

Of course it wasn't this picture exactly but you get my point.  I was worried and she was fine.  The school treated it like a crime scene.  The teacher was called to the directors office, there was an incident report that I needed to sign.  But I guess this is the world we live in.  I mean she is just learning to crawl.  She is going to bump her head and fall down.  The teacher to child ratio in Rhea's class today was 2 to 2 meaning there were two teachers working and two children in the class room.  She had plenty of one on one time and was not neglected in anyway.  It made me realize that I want to teach Rhea that she is going to fall down, she is going to get hurt, she is going to fail.  And you cannot analyze everything and try to find blame.  It was an accident, a part of life.  You have to get up and keep going.  Eventually I would hope she will learn to use her hands to brace her falls.  But for now there is a note in her file that reads  "Scatter pillows around to break possible falls".  And I am OK with that.   I guess we all need a soft place to land every once in a while.

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