Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baby and a dog are one and the same

Two nights ago while Rhea was taking a bath I tried to pry her mouth open to see if she has any teeth coming in.  It was a struggle and she won.  I said to Justin "She is just like Duke!  She will not let me near her mouth!" To which he replied "She also eats poop"  I have only know Rhea to eat formula and some oatmeal and fruits and veggies so I asked him to explain.  "Well the other night she blew out her diaper and it was so gross.  And there were lots of wipes and poop everywhere.  The next thing I know she is eating a poopy wipe.  But don't worry.  She is fine now.  But see she is just like the dog.  Love poop too!" Now, I am not casting judgement on him because I knew that was bound to happen at some point.  He was just so casual about it.  I would have freaked out.  But that is the difference between me and him. And it is probably what will balance us out as parents.

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