Sunday, October 23, 2011

Everything is Swell....

and by Swell I mean SWOLLEN!!!   I seriously feel like a beached whale.  The swelling started at the beginning of last week and has gotten worse.  After a scare that sent me to the hospital on Friday, when I thought I had a blood clot, it was actually a pocket of liquid that has collected in my calf from all the swelling.  It is so attractive.  So I am off my feet completely for the next few days.    Justin informed me I should be thankful my ass has swollen to counter balance the swelling in my stomach.  He lovingly told me that my ass is my anchor because I would have probably fallen over without it.  As much as I wanted to punch him for saying this, he did have a point.  He always makes me laugh and without the laughter I probably would have gone crazy!

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