Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Help Wanted - Strong willed person to hold my hand during labor

So today I had my weekly appointment with my MFM.  We started fetal stress testing today which was kinda neat.  I have had 10 ultrasounds this pregnancy and half of them in 3D/4D.  But we haven't heard the baby since our first appointment.  Today we got to hear her.  She sounded like a galloping horse.  After the test, my Dr offered me a flu shot which I happily excepted.  As she rolled up my sleeve to inject me, my husband turned a light shade of green.  The Dr recommended he get one well.  He told her that would not happen.  He said "I just about passed out watching you inject her there is no way I am getting that done"  I think I may need to re-think who will be with me in the delivery room.  If he will pass out at the sight of a needle how on earth will he handle what goes on during labor?

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