Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Heirlooms - Starfox Edition

Justin informed me last night that he is going to pass down his legendary Starfox Jacket to our daughter.   He claims that the jacket is probably worth like a million dollars and will be very cool, in a retro sort of way,  when she is old enough to wear it.  For all of you that don't know, I am married to a Starfox legend (at least in his mind).  When Justin was younger he beat out a bunch of kids playing the Nintendo game Starfox at his local Toys R Us.  But he didn't place #1.  He placed #2 so he won a jacket with the Starfox logo on it.  He keeps the jacket in a safe place (his bedroom in Douglas) as he does not want anyone tampering with it.  I think in his mind he envisions our  daughter walking down the street one day in the future and someone will say "Where did you get that jacket?  It is so cool"  and she will smile and say  "My Dad is a Starfox Legend"  As lame as it is, it just melts my pregnant heart!

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