Monday, October 17, 2011

Who's laughing now? My mother

My mother came up to see me today to help me out with a few things.  When she arrived I let her know the errands I needed to run and the places I needed to go.  She suggested I wear a sweater because as she put it "It's breezy out today".  I kept my tank top on because in my world I am still in a heat wave.  It may be in the mid 50's but I am sitting inside with the AC cranked!  I think back to when poor Moe was going through the change and I would laugh and laugh at her hot flashes.  Whose laughing now?  Moe.  And when I tried to put my sneakers on to leave the house today, she watched me struggle for a few moments before she intervened and had to properly put both my shoes on and tie them.  All those years I laughed at her crocs and I will tell you they are looking better and better the bigger this belly gets.  And when I waddled out to the truck and she had to offer assistance to boost me into the front seat, I swear she was giggling under her breathe.  Lesson learned today?  You never outgrow needing your mother!

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